Flipping the Script: Secure Your Dream Home First, Sell at Your Pace

Flipping the Script: Secure Your Dream Home First, Sell at Your Pace

Our creative solution will help you buy before selling in today’s market. 

Do you want to buy a new house but are concerned about selling your current one first and potentially facing homelessness? I frequently encounter these types of buyers. Today I’m sharing my strategy to help them become successful with their real estate plans. 

Our primary goal is to prevent anyone from facing homelessness. To address this, we offer a solution known as a home-contingency clause or a "contingent on the seller purchasing another home" clause. This is an additional addendum integrated into the contract. Essentially, this clause stipulates that the contract is contingent upon the seller (the person selling their home) successfully finding another home of their choice. Here's how it works: before finalizing the contract, you incorporate this clause as the seller. If you're unable to find another suitable home within a designated time frame, the contract becomes null and void.


"This arrangement benefits both the seller and the buyer."


This approach is particularly effective for buyers who aren't in a hurry to move but want to secure a house and are willing to wait for the seller to locate their next home. Typically, this contingency period spans 30, 60, or 90 days, allowing the seller ample time to explore their options.

Once the contract is ratified and progressing smoothly, the seller can remove this home choice contingency. This arrangement benefits both the seller and the buyer, especially if the buyer isn't urgently seeking to move and is comfortable allowing the seller time to find their next residence.

If you have questions or want further detailed discussions about this strategy, please don't hesitate to reach call or email. I’m here to assist and guide you in the right direction. 

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